House Cox

Sigil: An Appletree on a field of orange

Founded in 43 BAL by Pate Cox.
Current head is Quincy Cox (52). His wife is Leslyn (52). First daughter Danelle (28), first son Osmond (26), second daughter Joyeuse (25), second son Halmon (23), and third son Lennocks (21).
Osmond is married to Alysanne (26). First son Hibald (7), second son Damon (5).
Halmon is married to Sallei (23). First daughter Zia (4), first son Marq (3), second son Tristifer (1).

They own 4 plots of land in the Saltpans.
They own Saltpans Holdfast and Saltpans(city)

House Hawick
House Lugus

House Cox

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